Accountability Without Micromanaging


Course Description

Learning how to accomplish work through others can be challenging for new leaders as they transition from an individual contributor role to the manager of a team. It’s tempting to control how work is completed; however, the damaging effects of micromanagement are undeniable. This course will give leaders the tools to identify if they have micromanaging tendencies and learn effective strategies that hold employees accountable without micromanaging. Participants will learn:

  •   Common signs of micromanagement
  •   The damaging effects of micromanagement
  •   How to hold employees accountable without micromanaging
  •   Effective management strategies that yield high quality results

Downloadable Reference Materials:

  •   Key Takeaways

Who Should Attend:

  •   Newly promoted leaders
  •   Leaders looking for tips on how to avoid micromanaging
  •   Employees being groomed for a leadership position