Every business is unique in numerous capacities, from the goods that you sell to the internal structure of your organization. Whether you own a nonprofit or a for-profit business, your organization can only operate successfully and effectively when it has customized HR solutions ingrained into your daily operations. The seasoned HR consultants of Solvere HR can develop and implement those effective HR strategies for your organization. As a leading provider of HR consulting in Denver, our experienced consultants work with you to establish unique programs and projects that ensure your business gets the most out of each employee. We’re here to help your organization blossom and grow through innovative human resources solutions.
Our HR Consulting Services
At Solvere HR, we offer a wide range of HR consulting services that are specifically designed to build your organization’s capabilities, performance, and profitability. By leveraging our decades of HR experience, we develop versatile custom solutions to effectively address any human resources issues that you might be experiencing. We categorize our wealth of HR consulting services into three major areas:
  • Foundational Support
  • Functional Assistance
  • Employeee Engagement & Retention
Every service that we provide across these three major categories can offer tremendous benefits for your organization. Whatever your organizational needs may be, we know that our seasoned HR consultants can develop the ideal custom solutions to support the continuous growth of your organization.
In order to build a thriving organization, your employment foundation must be grounded in employment law compliance while reflecting workforce best practices. Our HR specialists can help improve your company’s employment foundation with:
  • Employee Handbooks – We’ll help you identify and establish the organizational policies and principles that will guide your workforce towards success. This will lead to a stronger company culture and cohesive work environment while ensuring compliance with respective federal and state laws.
  • HR Compliance Audits – Don’t let unnecessary legal claims and costly fines impede your business operations! We’ll ensure that your employment foundation is compliant by identifying areas of risk and helping you implement the necessary corrective actions.
Businesses today operate in a hyperactive information-based marketspace. If your business hopes to stay competitive in our always on-the-go society, efficiency must be a top priority for your daily operations. At Solvere HR, we offer a variety of HR consultancy services to improve the productivity and efficiency of your business. Just to name a few, our HR specialists can provide your workplace with:
  • HR Functional Assessments – We are happy to conduct end-to-end evaluations of your existing HR processes, systems, and team capabilities. Our assessments will identify weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities to improve the human resources function within your organization.
  • Employee Complaints & Resolution – As an objective third-party, we will help you investigate and respond to employee complaints and legal claims. Our experienced HR consulting team can handle in-depth workplace investigations as an objective third-party to identify points of weakness and recommend the most appropriate corrective actions.
Strong human resources programs and practices are integral parts of not only your company culture, but also your organization’s ability to attract and retain great talent. Without the right HR programs and processes in place, you risk losing talented employees and creating unnecessary turnover in your organization. By partnering with Solvere HR, you can develop custom HR programs to keep your employees challenged, engaged, and happy. We can support and improve your business with:
  • Performance Management Services – Workplace productivity can only improve when your employees are guided by a well-constructed performance evaluation system. We will work with you to design and implement a progressive and effective evaluation system to accelerate the progressive performance of your staff members.
  • Leadership Development Programs – Investing in the development of your leadership team is proven to increase employee retention and satisfaction. Solvere HR can develop customized leadership development training programs to increase your leadership capabilities and effectiveness.
  • Employee Engagement Initiatives – By conducting focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and engagement surveys, we’ll determine the best strategies to improve your employee satisfaction, engagement, and workplace productivity.
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Programs – Organizations thrive when their workforce is built with a diverse group of employees that each bring unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds to the table. In order to support and grow a diverse workforce, organizations need to create an inclusive culture that embraces and supports all employees. Our HR specialists will help you strengthen your company culture by evaluating and improving your diversity, equity, and inclusion practices and foundation.
At Solvere HR, we understand that your business is unique in a multitude of ways and we will deliver flexible HR strategies that are grounded in real-world insights. With our support, your growing organization will continue to thrive and blossom for years to come. Contact Solvere HR today to learn more about our HR consulting services.



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