Guest Blog: 4 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in HR Support

As a small business owner, there’s a lot you can DIY and still enjoy success. If you’re growing that business by hiring more employees, however, trying to DIY human resources isn’t always the best choice. That’s because HR involves complicated processes, regulations, and other nuances that can be difficult for even a specialist to keep track of — not to mention a busy business owner. Still think it’s a good idea to handle your HR all alone? You may think twice after reading through this informative guide from Solvere HR.
Tiny Payroll Problems Can Add Up to Major Issues Payroll is just one of the many HR tasks that a consultant can help small businesses with. Some of the most prevalent payroll mistakes that can plague small business owners include keeping inaccurate records and forgetting to deduct the proper withholdings — both of which can result in severe consequences. Instead of taking a chance with your payroll operations, invest in a comprehensive payroll software solution that will help you boost profits, cut costs, and reduce the risk of costly and stressful time-tracking and payroll mistakes. If you’re also working with an HR consultant, you can use your new system to keep up with reporting and timesheets and keep accurate records overall. Many States Have Strict Staff Handbook Requirements If you own a business in Colorado, does your current handbook address accommodations for nursing mothers? What about requirements around data security? Many small business owners do not realize that their handbook has to comply with these rules. To drive the point home, these rules and compliance regulations can change from year to year. Rapidly changing compliance requirements and employment rules are just some of the reasons so many small businesses also invest in HR consulting services from Solvere HR. Not only can consultants ensure your business is compliant, but also help tailor your employee policies and expectations to unlock your business’s true potential. Public Emergencies Often Create Even More Restrictions Like so many other things in this world, employment and labor laws have also been impacted by the events of this past year. Like handbook requirements and payroll mistakes, all too many small business owners may not be fully aware of these changes. As a result, they may end up violating a major labor law because they simply are ignorant of it. For instance, in Colorado, employers have to be very careful with the language used in NDA agreements with their staff. On the federal level, NDAs that are too broad and include restrictions on an employee’s personal time are considered unethical. Although this rule may seem clear, ensuring your own business practices don’t violate it can be a bit tricky. Managing HR Reports and Procedures Can Be a Full-Time Job You should think critically about the amount of time you would spend taking care of all of the projects and tasks mentioned. In one recent study, business owners estimated that they spent the equivalent of one entire business day on HR and people-related paperwork and processes — that’s one full day you could be dedicating to promoting your business and building relationships with customers! Your time is valuable as a business owner and you shouldn’t have to spend it on paperwork and administrative duties. Instead, trust your HR matters to trained professionals and spend that time on more important projects for your company. HR is one small business that small business owners simply cannot afford to leave to chance. You could end up causing major issues for your business, or you could end up wasting a lot of time on projects that could easily be handled by more experienced professionals. So if you plan on growing your business by growing your team, consider investing in HR help! Looking for an HR solution in Denver that fits your company’s unique values and needs? Learn more about the services and resources that Solvere HR has provided for years. ________________________________________________________________ Guest Blog provided by Linda Chase, Able Hire: Linda Chase created Able Hire to help people with disabilities build rewarding, successful careers. As a person with disabilities herself, Linda understands the challenges people with disabilities face when trying to get hired. She hopes Able Hire will be a resource for people with disabilities seeking jobs and for hiring managers seeking a better understanding of what people with disabilities have to offer.


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